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Earth Calling Samadhi Budha 11 inch

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Wonderful craftsmanship Buddha statue is a perfect show-stopper for your home and office. It an ideal present for the event of birthday, commemoration, housewarming, Christmas, Diwal_Polyresin, Thanksgiving, mother's day and so on.

Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue. The "Bhumisparsha" position, in which the earth is touched, represents Buddha's enlightenment. His hands are resting on his lap with the palm facing up, his right hand resting on his right knee with the fingers pointing down, and his legs are crossed in this position. One of Lord Buddha's most well-known positions is depicted in this statue. Put this form towards the direction of the east, which stands for endless wisdom. The Centre of your home is also a good choice because it corresponds to earth elements.

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